S.D. Giere

In Faith, For Faith:

Basics of Christian Proclamation

This course offers students a starting point for thinking about and practicing Christian proclamation.  The course is grounded in the claim that the living Word of God does what God intends (Isa 55.10-11) and that what God intends is the faith of the hearer (Rom 10.17).  Faith in Christ, worked by the Spirit through the hearing of the Word, orients the believer to her/himself, to one another, to the church, and to the world.


The course is organized in a seminar format that combines presentation by the instructor and group discussion.  Students will be responsible for presenting on poem and preaching one sermon.



The introductory nature of this course affords an opportunity to focus on some basic objectives:

a. To listen carefully for and identify the biblical formation and theology of a sermon;

b. To explore the nature of faith in Jesus Christ, in particular as it relates to Christian proclamation;

c. To understand what is genuinely evangelical in proclamation;

d. To play with the creative aspects of Christian proclamation; and

e. To begin to get a handle on the dynamics of sermon preparation and delivery.


Course Resources


Syllabus - Spring 2018 - forthcoming




Andersen, Hans Christian, "A Vision of the Last Day"

Long, Thomas G. & Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., eds. A Chorus of Witnesses

Prenter, Regin, Spiritus Creator

Splichal Larson, Renee, A Witness: The Haiti Earthquake, a Song, Death, and Resurrection



Allen, Ronald J., ed., Patterns of Preaching: A Sermon Sampler

Irenaeus of Lyons, On the Apostolic Preaching

Humes, James C., Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln

Stuempfle, Herman G., Jr., Preaching Law and Gospel

Wingren, Gustaf, The Living Word: A Theological Study of Preaching and the Church


Other Stuff

"Translation Key to the tedious and abominable Latin and German passages of Regen Prenter's Spiritus Creator"



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