S.D. Giere

Lutheran Preaching: History & Practice

Team Taught with Dr. Martin Lohrmann



This class combines preaching practicums with discussion of sermons from the Lutheran tradition. Course readings will examine ways that Lutheran preachers—beginning with Luther himself—have engaged issues like hermeneutics, catechesis, faith and good works, pastoral care, and evangelism in their sermons. Practicums will provide opportunities for students to develop their preaching voice and to learn by hearing and reflecting on the work of others.



1. To grow in knowledge, faith and love through study of Lutheran preaching

2. To gain familiarity with past generations’ goals and methods in Lutheran homiletics

3. To consider how the kerygmatic impulses of the past can inform contextual preaching today

4. To develop students’ preaching skills

Course Resources


Syllabus - Spring 2018 forthcoming




Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, American Edition, volume 51.

Urbanus Rhegius, Preaching the Reformation: The Homiletical Handbook of Urbanus Rhegius, translated by Scott H. Hendrix (Marquette, 2003).

Other resources will be put on reserve in the library or are available online.




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