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Preaching & Stewardship


Toward a holistic understanding of stewardship that envisions all-that-is originating with and in relation to the One God and from the conviction that financial and environmental stewardship are “two sides of the same coin,” students will explore the challenges and opportunities of preaching and stewardship.  The course combines personal reflection, collegial discussion, and practicing the art of preaching.



This course offers students the opportunity to explore both financial and environmental stewardship within the horizon of Christian proclamation.  Generally, students will continue to explore and practice effective evangelical proclamation.  More specifically, this seminar provides a space…

  •     to become aware of and comfortable with his/her own understanding and practice of stewardship,
  •    to explore and appropriate the biblical witness in and around financial and environmental stewardship,
  •    to consider stewardship within the horizon of Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed,
  •    to examine and practice the intersections of preaching and stewardship,
  •    to continue developing discipline in working exegetically with Hebrew and Greek,
  •    to continue to practice the art of collegiality.


Course Resources


Syllabus  - Fall 2014




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