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MN230 Preaching is a second-year hybrid course in which students explore, engage, and establish theological and ecclesiological foundations for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



To engage critically the theological and ecclesiological foundations for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;

To describe and evaluate the theology of a sermon;

To explore scriptural hermeneutics, particularly Nicene and Lutheran, in the service of Christian proclamation;

To think critically and creatively about the place of proclamation within the worship-centered life of the church;

To develop of a balanced and workable discipline for sermon preparation;

To demonstrate knowledge of and sensitivity to the context of one’s hearers;

To acknowledge the impact of delivery with regard to the effectiveness of the sermon;

To understand the relationship between personal character and proclamation; and

To begin to identify and honor one’s own emerging voice as a preacher.



The course is designed around two different sorts of weekly meetings.


The first of these is a weekly plenary gathering during which lecture and class discussion explore the theology and ecclesiology of preaching.  The topics and assigned readings are intended to deepen the student’s understanding of (a) core concepts of Christian preaching and (b) their expression in Lutheran thought and practice.  Distance students will have the option of engaging the plenary sessions asynchronously.


The second weekly meeting is the preaching precept, a two-hour weekly meetings during which student preaching is met with attentive listening and collegial critique.  Students will prepare four sermons on a three-week rotation.  Each rotation is intended to meet slightly different challenges in the overall preaching task.  Distance students are required to be “present” for their precept meeting sessions; at the beginning of the term, instructor and distance students will work together to find a mutually agreeable time.


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